Life is beautiful.

A video is worth a thousand words.


simplicity = beauty

Hannah and I are both passionate really about aesthetic.

And though we aspire to different things (me: a writer, hannah: a designer), both of our aspirations ultimately have the exact same goal: to make the world a more beautiful place.
I think (& hope) that's a common goal with most all of us.

So even though a lot of what I post in the future may be diatribes about this or that, I want each of them to point to beauty, even if its just philosophizing about where the beauty can be found in darker things.

Today, however, I thought I'd post some pictures I took last week of some of my favorite boys (the brighter things) for their band (myspace.com/easterislandmusic).

In school, I studied photography for a few years and mostly shot film.
When I shot film there was no editing, no computers, just me and my camera.
I used film for this photoshoot and discovered that I'd forgot how wonderful and simple it was. Just like these pictures.

And something Hannah has taught me over the years with her stunningly simple, classic style: simplicity is beautiful & people are beautiful.


The Beginning of Something New....

It's always easy to say you'll do something, but never do it. Speaking is an easier action than doing, it has proven true and true numerous times. So this is the beginning of something new, but also the beginning of no longer procrastinating.

Best friends since 4th grade we have decided to take on this blog challenge together!
We are excited to share our endeavor with you!

Your blog enthusiasts!

Stay in touch for something new......